1960 saw the founding of the Gnali Ettore company, named after the founder, based in Lumezzane (Brescia) and specialised in the shearing of metals for the production of seals for health use and the moulding of plastic materials.
Having started in the post-war period with a small 30-square-metre premises and 4 employees, Gnali Ettore has grown continuously over time to its current 5,000 square metres with 40 employees, now creating significant downstream activity of a level which places it amongst the most important Italian companies for the moulding of plastic materials.
A story of 100% Made in Italy excellence, which over time has evolved from principally artisan production to completely automated industrial manufacturing.

The company is still the property of the Gnali family, with the third generation now at the helm.
Thanks to the experience gained in the sector of plastic material moulding (for the health sector, footwear sector and accessories for high fashion), in 2010 Gnali Ettore created the Technomousse brand, entering the motorcycle world with the production of mousses (components which substitute the inner tube), rapidly transforming the Technomousse product into a sector leader with a production of over 50,000 units annually and a production capacity of more than 100,000. 

In 2015, with the experience and the technical know-how developed in the motorcycle sector, Technomousse began experimenting with the first anti-puncture and rim-protection products specifically for bicycles and e-bikes. After three years of research, development and testing, it has launched the Black Mamba Series, a line of products entirely dedicated to the bike and e-bike world, including: Red Poison, Green Constrictor, special levers for the installation of tyres and mousses, and a structure for the removal of tyres. 

All Technomousse products are 100% Made in Italy.


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