TechnoMousse Green Constrictor has been designed to allow long trips by bike without the fear of punctures.
It is also suitable for use with tubeless tyres in demanding disciplines such as downhill racing.

Thanks to its significant lightness (+/- 370 g for the 27.5” version), TechnoMousse Green Constrictor has also been created and designed for the e-bike sector, thus resolving the serious problem of having to change an inner tube in the midst of a long journey. The system is compatible with any commercial inner tube.

However, in order to use it to its full potential, the use of a light inner tube is recommended.

Green Constrictor is also recommended for tubeless and tubeless ready tyres and is compatible with all types of tyre sealant liquid. Installation is simple and does not require any special equipment.


Protects your tyre from punctures and side cuts  

Allows the tyre to be used at much lower pressures, significantly improving tyre grip and ride sensation


Absorbs the majority of vibrations, guaranteeing a more fluid, comfortable and precise rid.   Green constrictor provides total support for the tyre even in the complete absence of air inside, allowing the bike to be used normally without damaging the rim

Available dimension:

27,5" / 27,5" PLUS / 29"

USAGE xc/am/enduro/dh

WEIGHT -/- 340 gr. each wheel (version 27,5")

Extensive experience gained in the motocross and Enduro motorcycling sectors has led to the creation of the TechnoMousse anti-puncture system for E-bikes and MTB. TechnoMousse Green Constrictor allows for the use of light and ultralight inner tubes together with light and folding tyres, providing the same safety as systems suitable for the most demanding practices.

The lightness of the system (+/- 340 g for the 27.5” version) makes it suitable and recommended for even the most challenging of disciplines, such as XC/AM/ENDURO.

TechnoMousse Green Constrictor provides wheels with increased bounce control, absorbs high-frequency vibrations resulting in improved comfort and allows the use of levels of pressure which are identical to or lower than tubeless systems. It protects the wheel from even the hardest of impacts and allows the rider to return home even after a puncturing of the mousse and therefore the inner tube, providing a minimum level of support without causing any damage at all to the wheel rim.

The system is made of a compound of closed cells derived from the world of motorcycling which allow the use of latex sealant. It is very long-lasting, maintaining its characteristics removal after removal, and is not susceptible to changes in climate. The compound with which it is made has a memory, a characteristic which means it does not deform, resulting in excellent control of bounce both with tubeless tyres and those with inner tubes.
– easy fit
– wheel protection
– bounce control
– improved rolling

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