Once installed, Red Poison sits between the lower part of the tyre and the wheel, guaranteeing the perfect adherence of the tyre to the rims of the wheel, at the same time providing significant support. This unique characteristic allows riders to select whatever tyre pressure they desire without having to worry about de-beading or tyre shifting, even at very low pressures.

Furthermore, the higher quantity of air held in the upper part of the tyre allows for the management of both the rolling of the tyre and the bounce.

Imagining the tyre as a form of suspension, the upper part is the spring, while our system handles heavier shocks. Red Poison is also an ecient wheel protector.

Its perfect adherence to the wheel allows the rider to complete a run or simply return home even with zero pressure or a completely compromised tyre, without causing any damage to the wheel. Red Poison has been designed for the riding of the future, where lightness and performance are essential elements.

Allows the tyre to be used at much lower pressures, significantly improving tyre grip and ride sensation


  Allows the tyre to be used at much lower pressures, eliminating the problem of debeading

Absorbs the majority of vibrations, guaranteeing a more fluid, comfortable and precise rid.   Red poison provides total support for the tyre even in the complete absence of air inside, allowing the bike to be used normally without damaging the rim

Available dimension:

27,5” / 29”

USAGE am/enduro/dh
Usable with tubeless and tubeless ready
PESO -/- 200 gr. each wheel (version 27,5")

The system is made of a compound of closed cells derived from the world of motorcycling which allow the use of latex sealant. It is very long-lasting, maintaining its characteristics removal after removal.
The grooves on the sides allow the system to be used with tyre sealant liquids.
The central profile of the upper part allows the system to be perfectly centred on the wheel and permits the position to be held even in the case of movement with the tyre completely deflated or compromised.

The compound with which Red Poison is made has a memory, and therefore retains its shape even after hours of extreme use.


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